One cold and dark winter night in the middle of january 2008 Anders and Mr.Dementia came in contact again.
They started talking about starting a black metal band. Anders on the guitar and Mr.Dementia on the vocals and synth.
Anders had already written a few tracks from ealier projects, but no vocals were ready.
Together they arranged music for a five track release, Through Sinister Nightfall.
In September 2008 Disme joined the band on the guitar and Blåhø started rehearsing as a band.

Through the last years it has been a lot of line up changes.
From a complete 6 member lineup in 2010, Anders and Disme is the only remaining members of the band.

In May 2010 the band decided to go to a studio to record the five mentioned tracks.At the same time
Mr.Dementia left the band because he had to move to another part of the country.
Anders and Disme and a few session musicians started working on TSN.

Jarle “Uruz” Byberg was asked to do the drum tracks. He is an experienced drummer and plays for bands like Urgehal & Nàttsòl.
Anders`s colleauge Erlend was asked to play the bass, Erlend plays in the band Quadrivium and was the brain behind Nàttsòl.
The vocals was done by Anders`s friend Grim, from the band Myhr. The album was relesed 25th January 2013 with two bonus songs.
Autumn 2011 Anders was contacted by Nàttsòl and Sectum Sempra singer Odd Arne. He was working on a solo project, Gnipaheller, and wanted to release a split EP together with Blåhø. Ole "Vargon" Nordsve was asked to take care of the drumming since Uruz had to cancel due to time issues. Vargon is well known from the bands Cor Scorpii, Vecordious & Mistur(session).

Two more songs in various studioes around Norway. It was decided to pick songs with Norwegian lyricks for this release, unlike TSN.
After a while Andes did not hear anything more from Gnipaheller, and desided to use the two recorded songs as a bonus on TSN.

We are now recording our next full length.
It was desided to ask Leif Johan to take the vocals and to join the band, In August 2013 Leif-Johann joined the band. Bass player Erlend is already asked to play also on the next album.
hellraiser grim
The name Blåhø is inspired by the mountain Blåhøe witch Anders has ascended many times. It is 1619 meters above sea level in Oppland, Norway