Through Sinister Nightfall

1. Eternal Dreams
2. A Vision of Horrors
3. Heretic Chaos
4. Hell Enthralled
5. Through Sinister Nightfall
6. Heimferd
7. Slagmarken Norge

“Promising debut from a black metal band with a strong sense of melody” – 84/100
“This is as near perfection as can be and all the 7 tracks are great musical journeys” – 5,5/6
“Might sometimes evoke the likes of Windir, Dimmu Borgir and Enslaved” – 4/6
“A perfect production and a very tight sound” – 8,5/10
“Mood is grandiose here and it sweeps you up with a very dreamlike and mature flow” – 7,5/10

“Melodic black with a touch of folk” – 7/10

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