Eternal Dreams

This is the first song Anders wrote for his black metal project, it was first recorded back in 1996.
It was re-recorded in 2008 when Anders first met Mr.Dementia, with Mr.Dementia on vocals. The violin was also added. This is my own favorite Blåhø track and also the track I got the most positive feedback on.

A Vision of Horrors

The thiid song Anders wrote together with Mr.Dementia. After finishing Heimferd we wanted a more brutal and uptempo song. Written summer 2008 in the Blåhø HQ.



The second song Anders wrote for this project. Orginally made for another band project in 1996, but rearanged and new lyricks written in 2008.
On the demo version Mr.Dementia was singing the growling part and Anders himself the clean vocals. This was in fact the first Blåhø song with clean vocals. Cover-art on video was originaly ment for split-EP.

Slagmarken Norge

This is a song Anders and Disme wrote together in 2010.
The funny thing about the lyricks on this one is that they wrote every second line. When this song was recorded for the TSN album lots of lyricks had to be changed due to the brutality. Cover-art on video was originaly ment for split-EP.


Heretic Chaos

This is a song Anders and Mr.Dementia wrote together in 2008.
A funfact on this song is that it originally was the most brutal song on the TSN album. Drummer Uruz got full artistic freedom on all of his recordings and the slower drums on this one made this the “ballad” of TSN. The original Heretic Chaos will probably be released as a bonus track or a split EP in the planning.
Working title “Heretic Chaos Pt.2”. Cover art for this is ready, but will not be published before it is ready

Through SInister Nightfall

Full album avilable. Please go buy the CD if you like it.

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