First ever band meeting

Yesterday we had our first ever band meeting.
We had some beers and a walk-through of our upcoming album “Sliungxstadm”.
Shared some ideas on the riffs, riff & vocal arrangements and potential drummers.
Our goal is to be ready for drum recording in September/October this year.

Anders – Disme – Grim:
First band meeting

Flashing Thunder – Drawn to Fire

Anders & Disme is finished recording “Drawn to Fire”, the first album of their other band Flashing Thunder. Hard rock flirting with trash, 80`s, stoner and black metal. Ex-Blåhø member Bård Sprak appears behind the drums on this album.

Track nr.9 was originally written for Blåhø and was called “Along for the ride”, it is now in a new suit and called “Drifting Away”. This is the only track on album with growling vocals trough the whole track. Also added the same synth used on the Through Sinister Nightfall album to get the correct mood. Vocals & synth by Anders.


Please support us buying this album!


Blastfest 2015

Last week I was in Bergen,Norway, attending Blastfest.

The drummer from TSN album, Uruz, played with Craft from sweeden.
He did one hell of a job!

I was at the tattoo stand with Carlos Aguilar in Black Shadows Tattoo.
Talked a little with the guitarists from Dark Funeral; Lord Ahriman & Chaq Mol.
Dark Funeral